Hummingbirds Part 1

Back in August 2010 myself and my friend Mike of Nelmst Images took a 2 day workshop through Incredible Travel Photos by Oliver Klink to learn about and photograph hummingbirds. I've taken a few workshops over the years and this one has to have been the best. Oliver's teaching style was very laid back and informative. Sadly this workshop is no longer available, if it was I would take it again and again as it gave great access to 100's of hummingbirds. 

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On a day too hot to go out and really enjoy the wonders of nature in person and still harboring a desire to capture a few photos of that beauty what can you do? Well that is easy bring the nature inside and do a little experimenting with focus stacking and lighting of flowers. Here are two of of my attempts at focus stacking and one that I just kind of liked. 

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