I would like to welcome you to “A Peek Through My Lens”, the official home of James Fike Photography. Since you clicked on a link entitled “About Me” here on my website, let me introduce myself to you. My name is James Fike, although most of my friends call me Jim. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area; and before that, I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. I pay the bills by working a day job in the telecommunications industry as a technician.  I spend my days working in what could best be described as a cave full of white noise and filled with fluorescent lighting. When I am not spending my time in the cave, you will find me with family, friends, my dog, or out with my camera. I have had a fascination with photography for the majority of my life, although it has only been in recent years that it has become a real passion. I guess you could say that I am an amateur photographer or a serious hobbyist. I find my interest in photography broad in scope and have yet to find a focus in any one area of photography. Of the many areas of photography I am attracted to, I find that I am interested in the unique challenges each provide. I shoot architecture, nature, glamour, portraiture, landscape, macro, and of course we can’t forget travel. Basically anything I can point my camera at is likely something I will snap a photo of. I am always looking for new challenges and places to help build on my current knowledge.

I must say that photography has been good to me in many ways. Other than a much thinner wallet, photography has had such a positive effect on me. My exploration into photography has opened my eyes in new ways to see the world around me. A beautiful world of color, light, shadows, so many little details, and so many other things I took little notice of in the past. It also has given new energy to another passion of mine: travel and exploration. It has also opened the door to new friendships with photographers, models, and those whom have taken an interest in the images I share here and a few other places.

A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.Ansel Adams

As I believe in the above quote by Ansel Adams and the over-used cliché “a photograph is worth a thousand words”, you won’t find me writing about each photograph on “A Peek Through My Lens”. Still my photography and having this site has inspired me none the less to try my hand at another interest which I have always had, and that is to write. I want to start with writing about my travels and day adventures. I may also share from time to time a little about what I may have been thinking, my techniques, or how I went about editing a particular image. After all, I hope someone out there may find it interesting.

A Peek Through My Lens” is just one of the ways I am choosing to share those things I capture through my lens. I hope you will enjoy the images I share with you here and return often to view my new work. I welcome and enjoy your comments and constructive criticism in my quest to grow as a photographer.

~ Jim