On a day too hot to go out and really enjoy the wonders of nature in person and still harboring a desire to capture a few photos of that beauty what can you do? Well that is easy bring the nature inside and do a little experimenting with focus stacking and lighting of flowers. Here are two of of my attempts at focus stacking and one that I just kind of liked. 

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Welcome to my revamped webpage. To my past visitors, thank you for returning and I hope you will find this new layout more pleasing and an over all cleaner look. To my new visitors, I hope you will return often and enjoy the images I share with you. I will be working hard to keep the page updated and to show off new and old photos alike. On that note I was combing though my archives this morning searching for a a few images and I came across these photos of hand-carved wooden masks. These masks were just a small piece of my great uncle's collection. Sadly I don't know much about them, other than he had collected them during the course of his travels around the world.