Fort Point National Historical Site

 Fort Point National Historic site, San Francisco California. Taken December 2013 by James Fike Photography.

Tucked away on the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California you will find a California Historical Landmark, Fort Point. In this great city there are a great number of wonderful landmarks and other exciting photographic photo opportunities. Many I haven't even explored myself as yet, still this particular site has me coming back again and again. I have captured many images, good and bad, of this old fort over the years and I still haven't found that image, that moment in time, that says to me that I have captured the soul of this place. Fort point is full of history, arches, shadows, repeating patterns and textures that often leaves me a little overwhelmed. If you are going to be in San Francisco and are planning a visit the Golden Gate Bridge this is one destination that's worth a visit also. You have a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge and if you are looking for some great photos you will find more than a few here. Below are some of my most recent shots; sadly it has been nearly three years since I last visited the fort. I guess it may be time for me to make another visit some time in the near future. Maybe I'll get lucky and get a few clouds too.


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